Harrowing History will showcase true crime in Bordentown

As true crime shows like “American Horror Story” and “MindHunter” rise in popularity, the Bordentown Historical Society unveils its new performance event, Harrowing History. The series, created by society Art Director Kristi Kantorski, will debut with six stories of murder, mayhem and tragedy pulled from the back pages of Bordentown’s rich history. Playing on Bordentown’s moniker of the “Little City with a Lot of Charm,” Harrowing History aims to tell the truth behind that charm. Harrowing History will debut Sept.… Read More »Harrowing History will showcase true crime in Bordentown

BHS Member Newsletter Wins 2019 Kevin M. Hale Award

BORDENTOWN — The Bordentown Historical Society is very proud to receive the League of Historical Societies of New Jersey’s Kevin M. Hale Publications Award for 2019 for the Fall 2019 / Winter 2020 BHS Member Newsletter.  The League of Historical Societies of New Jersey, founded in 1966, is composed of over 220 organizations that represent over 45,000 individual members. While most of the organizations in the League are local historical societies, it also includes statewide societies and related institutions, county… Read More »BHS Member Newsletter Wins 2019 Kevin M. Hale Award

Joseph Borden (1687-1765)

In 1717 Joseph Borden settled here, bought up a substantial part of the land and changed the town’s name to Borden’s Towne. By 1740, he started a packet line from Philadelphia to Bordentown. Travelers would stop and rest in Borden’s Towne and then board the Borden Stage for Perth Amboy where they would make their ferry boat connections to New York. Most of the founding fathers of the new republic passed through Bordentown which had become a bustling city of… Read More »Joseph Borden (1687-1765)

Richard Gilder (1844-1909)

Richard Watson Gilder was born on February 8, 1844 at Bordentown, New Jersey. He was the son of Jane (Nutt) Gilder and the Rev. William Henry Gilder, and educated at his father’s seminary in Flushing, Queens. There he learned to set type and published the St. Thomas Register. Gilder later studied law at Philadelphia. During the American Civil War, he enlisted in the state’s Emergency Volunteer Militia as a private in Landis’ Philadelphia Battery at the time of the Robert… Read More »Richard Gilder (1844-1909)

Stephen Sayre (1736-1818)

Stephen Sayre was born in Long Island, graduated from Princeton University and served as a captain of militia in the last of the French and Indian Wars. At about thirty years of age, Sayre visited England and was part of the thousand-strong American community living in London during the outbreak of the War of Independence. He was chosen High Sheriff of the city of London, in 1774. His zeal for the independence of America was unmeasured. In October, 1775, he… Read More »Stephen Sayre (1736-1818)

Susan Waters (1823-1900)

Born in Binghamton NY May 18 1823 she died in Trenton NJ at the Quaker Nursing home July 7, 1900. Susan Waters first arrived in Bordentown in the mid 1850’s and then returned to stay in 1866. She lived on Mary Street with her husband and parents until she sold her home in 1899 to move to the nursing home. A woman ahead of her time she married at 17 in 1841 to a kindly Quaker, William C Waters. They… Read More »Susan Waters (1823-1900)

Patience Wright (1725-1786)

A woman ahead of her time Patience Lovell Wright was born on Long Island in 1725. She moved to Bordentown at age 4 with her family. At 23 Patience married an elderly Quaker Farmer Joseph Wright. They lived at 100 Farnsworth Ave. in Bordentown City. Together they had five children; the last Sarah was born after Joseph’s death. At the time of her husband’s death her children ages ranged from young adult to the unborn. Since she had no resources,… Read More »Patience Wright (1725-1786)

Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844)

Several years after the banishing of his family from France in 1816, arriving under vigilant disguise as the Count de Survilliers, Joseph Bonaparte, former King of Naples and Spain and brother to Napoleon I of France, purchased the Point Breeze Estate near Bordentown from American patriot, Stephen Sayre. He lived there for 17 years, entertaining guests of great fame such as Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and the future 6th U.S. President, John Quincy Adams. The residents of Bordentown nicknamed the… Read More »Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844)

Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791)

Francis Hopkinson, member of the Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence lived in this town. His beautiful home is still standing, a treasure on the National Register of Historic Places. It was used as British headquarters when the town was occupied during the Revolutionary War. Francis’ son Joseph, author of our first national anthem, Hail Columbia, resided here as well. Born in Philadelphia, Province of Pennsylvania, British America, Hopkinson received an Artium Baccalaureus degree in 1757 from… Read More »Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791)