The Bordentown historical Society hosts three rotating exhibits annually, which are open to the public on the first and third Saturday’s monthly from 12-4 pm. Due to Covid-19, the exhibits have been cancelled. We hope to reopen them as soon as possible. The award-winning exhibits are generated from interest expressed by visitors and members with an aim to tell the stories people want to learn, and to inspire them to tell their own stories. Exhibits feature interactive panels and speakers throughout the year, which add dimension to the experience. There are countless stories to tell in Bordentown. Tell us what stories you want to hear to help us showcase the history that interests you! 

Some popular recent exhibits have included:

Untold Stories – A history of two segregated schools in Bordentown.

Made. Sold. Bought. Bordentown. – A history of commerce in Bordentown. 

Battle of the Kegs – A moral victory for the colonies in the Revolution.

How does your garden grow? – History of Horticulture in Bordentown.

Religion in Bordentown – A history of religious institutions in Bordentown.

Visit our Youtube page to visit an expanding library of Bordentown Historical Society content.