Our mission is to preserve, teach and inspire curiosity about Bordentown’s rich history.

Our vision is to develop a first-class center for historical and cultural attractions in Bordentown.

Collaboration – We believe greater outcomes can be achieved working in respectful partnerships
with each other than can be achieved working alone. We value opportunities to align ourselves with like-minded organizations to reach a greater outcome for all.

Engagement – We will succeed in our mission with the active involvement of our community and
friends. The experience is what one makes of it, and proportional to the effort that goes into it. If
one person is having fun, there’s a good chance, everyone else is too.

Enrichment – We embrace fulfillment through personal growth in its many forms. We are a
channel to learning and creativity first.

Inclusiveness – Bordentown’s history is woven into a rich and varied tapestry. Greatness can
arise from almost anywhere. We treat each other with dignity. We respect that the diverse and
nuanced ideas, backgrounds and perspectives of anyone can have the potential to achieve
great results.

Integrity – If we do the best we can and act truthfully, with transparency, we will represent our
responsibility to the community as a credible source.

Stewardship – We care about the future as much as we value the past. We seek to understand
history’s lessons and share that knowledge for all its intrigue and power to inspire the next

BHS 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan