Bordentown Historical Society New Website Launch

BORDENTOWN, September 14, 2020 –The Bordentown Historical Society (“BHS”) is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website at The new site features a responsive, modern design, improved functionality, and easy access to essential information to help residents and non-residents, alike, engage with Bordentown’s rich history.


The new comprehensive website presents a current and streamlined way to review archival information about the Bordentown region, learn about organizational happenings and join the movement to support the ongoing exploration of the deeply important history of Bordentown. The Bordentown Historical Society was formed in 1930 and has served as a central cultural repository ever since.


“The Bordentown Historical Society has existed for more than 90 years on the passion of its members. This website is an exciting reflection of the members and public we seek to engage today,” said Tim Rollender, BHS co-President. “When we set our forward initiatives as part of our strategic plan 3-years ago, we envisioned an opportunity to bring the Historical Society into the 21st century. This website is the capstone on our efforts accomplished since 2018, an homage to our distant and recent historical roots and a signal of all the future potential for BHS.”


The website is launched in conjunction with updated BHS branding including a new logo. The website and branding effort were expertly led by Bordentown resident and BHS member, Chris Hindley. Hindley, an entrepreneur and the Founder of HoodiePillow and Luvsy, and Co-Founder of the newly created Bordentown City Residents Association graciously volunteered his passion and skills to bring the effort to life. The website is not only a portal to view the current goings-on of the Historical Society, but also an opportunity to engage with BHS and our local history. The site features archival images, profiles on famous figures in Bordentown’s history, information about upcoming BHS events, news, and, of course, direct channels for individuals and corporations to donate and sign-up for membership, leveraging Wild Apricot, the #1 rated all-in-one membership management platform.


About the Bordentown Historical Society

The Bordentown Historical Society is an all-volunteer, private non-profit formed with the mission to preserve, teach and inspire curiosity about Bordentown’s rich history. The BHS is headquartered at the 1740 Old Friends Meetinghouse and museum located at 302 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, NJ. The Organization provides access to Bordentown’s past with exhibits, lectures, tours, interpretive museum space and important preservation activities’; a responsibility it took on in 1930 and continues today, over 90 years later.