Alexandrea Hartz | My Favorite Walk


Alexandrea Hartz

Instagram: alexhartzpainting

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This piece is painted with oils on stretched canvas and measures 20 x 16 inches. It was taken from a photo during an afternoon walk to the Hilltop – one of my favorite places in town.

Unframed. 20×16″.

Artist Bio:

Alex Hartz trained at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee where she graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 2010. She has exhibited in Collegedale, Tennessee and Nashville, Tennessee as well as participated in several art fairs throughout middle Tennessee. Alex recently moved back to her hometown, Bordentown.

She’s inspired by the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, and the Fauves; she loves their colors, visible brush work, and thick paint, and tends to incorporate those styles in her paintings. She primarily works with oils on canvas and her most frequent subjects include landscapes from places she’s visited and florals with bold, vibrant colors.

She wants her paintings to evoke a sense of tranquility in the viewer, whether it’s triggered from a memory of a familiar landscape, or by simply looking at colors that create a joyful place for the eye to rest. We’re constantly inundated by images of our world in chaos; she wants her artwork to stand in opposition to the mania and provide a respite from the madness, a space of peace for the viewer.