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519 Prince Street

519 Prince Street

This is 519 Prince Street, Bordentown City. The house is still there but has
been remodeled so much it doesn't look anything like this original
gingerbread Victorian style. In the front of the house is the owner/resident,
William Morris Ellis, writer and member of the Little Trixie Vaudeville
Company.  He toured with this company and also played piano for the
silent movie theaters, while selling kerosene lamps on the side. The picture
is early l900's. William Morris Ellis wrote several books and articles, one
in particular entitled  "Bordentown Up-To-Date l901" which listed all of the
businesses in town with a description of each and a photo of each proprietor.
William Morris Ellis was the father of Stanley "Reds" Ellis, who was born
in this house in 1913. Stanley (deceased 1999)  was the father of Ricky,
Randy, April and Todd Ellis. (Courtesy of Rick Ellis)


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