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Made, Bought, Sold In Bordentown
Friends Meetinghouse
302 Farnsworth Avenue
Bordentown, NJ


A look back on local commerce in Bordentown through time Discover what was invented, created and sold in Bordentown and how its tradition of keeping industry local has existed over the years and continues today. There will be a featured panel discussion with prominent local business owners November 9th. Don't miss this opportunity to take a glimpse back in time at what Bordentown City looks like back then vs. today. How has it changed and what hasn't!

November 9th, 4-6PM - Special Event*
The View from the Shop Window - This merchant’s-eye-view captures comments from experienced business owners in Bordentown with unique views and knowledge of the history of business in Bordentown and beyond, featuring many of your favorite store owners in town including, CJ Mugavaro, Owner of Artful Deposit; Rob Pecht, Ownver of  Bordentown Home for Funerals; Vincent Amico, Owner of Vincent's Ice Cream.
We're proud to partner with our friends at Jester's - dine at Jester's after the event and mention the word "Commerce" to donate 10% of your bill to the Bordentown Historical Society.

November 16th, 12-4PM:  Museum Exhibit
December 7th, 12-4PM:  Museum Exhibit
December 21st, 12-4PM:  Museum Exhibit

Coming April 2020 ...


Harrowing History

Visitors come from all over and remark,
"What a charming town...
I bet it's always been like this!"

Hmmm ... not exactly.”

Come join us as we venture back in time to search for the hidden history lurking just out of sight in downtown Bordentown.  We will peel back the town's charming exterior and take a hard look at Bordentown's darker, tragic past.  Learn the truth behind the legends and rumors!


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